Dr Faustus CDs

Fellside Records FECD189

Released 2005; distributed by Proper

1. Broomfield Wager 2. Grey Mare 3. Disdainful Lady 4. The Dawn – The Glafis 5. Peter’s Schottisch – T Stands for Thomas 6. Lord Ellenwater 7. Shepherds’ Song 8. A Bed Between Friends – Two Rascals 9. Jack Williams the Boatswain 10. Spanish Ladies

“Wager is a superb, slightly slicker follow-up to the handsomely received debut album, The First Cut, reinforcing the thought that here is a traditional English band able to compete with the best the British Isles can muster. The opening track, Broomfield Wager, is eight minutes of Olde-England whimsy about a maiden’s bet on keeping her virginity in unpromising circumstances. It sets the scene for a jauntily engaging collection in which themes hopelessly detached from a modern age are brought sharply to life by the enthusiasm and art of the players.”
Colin Randall, The Daily Telegraph


Within the UK – £13 inc p&p

Rest of the EU – £13.50 inc p&p
Outside the EU – £14.00 inc p&p

Fellside Records FECD189

Released 2003; distributed by Proper

1. Newry Town 2. Dr Faustus Set 3. Trooper & Maid 4. Thresherman 5. May Reel No. 1/Bacca Pipes Jig 6. The Cambric Shirt 7. Captain Ward 8. Salisbury Plain 9. Tantalus/Young Joe 10. The Lincolnshire Poacher/Dr Fauster’s Tumblers 11. Young Henry Martin


“The English quartet’s first studio album is passionate, confident, intelligent, and wholly engrossing, demanding from its listener by way of clever, insightful song construction and arrangement, so that your attention never wanes. It’s clear that a huge amount of thinking has been lavished on its making – it’s been nurtured as well as created. It’s also deliciously sexy.”
Lucy Whitfield, Taplas


Within the UK – £13.00 inc p&p

Rest of the EU – £13.50 inc p&p
Outside the EU – £14.00 inc p&p